The Journey Begins

We are a collection of amateur writers who belong to Beeston U3A’s Writing For Pleasure Interest Group.  We enjoy playing with words, using our imaginations and trying out different styles and genres.  Our members, if they so wish, can have their work showcased on this website so that their writing is available to all members of Beeston U3A, to other U3As around the country and to our friends and families.

Happy Reading!


Latest News, July 2020:

Sad News:

It is with great sadness that I have to announce the death of one of the group’s dear members.  Christine Humfrey died on Saturday 11th July 2020.

She had been a member of the writing group for several years. Who will ever forget the sacrifice she made to our session on romantic/sexual genre by reading and analysing “Fifty Shades of Grey”? She kept us all amused.

I know I speak for everyone when I say that we shall miss her.


Still unable to meet.

Our weekly challenges have now stopped after an amazing thirteen weeks. Thank you to all of you who regularly contributed.

It is now time for a change. John has set up a monthly Zoom meeting to coincide with the dates of our “normal” programme.  This gives the group a chance to see each other, to chat and to set a task for the next two weeks based, possibly, on our writing topic. This has been planned up to and including the November meeting but, with luck, we hope to be meeting in person before then.


Further News

Every year Beeston U3A runs a recruitment morning.  As part of Beeston U3A the Writing For Pleasure group ensures that someone is there to show the work that we do.  We have been willing to do this even though our group size is now up to sixteen members and those members have stressed that, to make it larger, would ruin the intimacy of the group.  We would also  have great difficulty in fitting into our room at the Pearson Centre.

At the 2019 Open Meeting it was obvious that several new members of the U3A, as well as existing members, wished to be involved in some writing.  We, regretfully, had to turn them down.  After that meeting we decided that we would help to set up a new group if enough people were interested.  My admiration goes to John Gallagher who, not  only attended the initial meeting of the new group, but has even attended follow-up meetings to lead them in a few “starter” topics.

The new group is called the Scribblers and those of us in Writing For Pleasure wish them well.  Hopefully, we shall be able to welcome them onto this website when they feel they would like to pass on their work.  If anyone is interested in joining this new group then please look at Beeston U3A website for further details and to contact Alison the group facilitator.

Helen Stewart